Hope Is Our Only Wing pdf

Hope Is Our Only Wing  pdf

Title: Hope Is Our Only Wing pdf

Author: Rutendo Tavengerwei

Genre: ,Young Adult,Contemporary,Fiction,Cultural,Africa,Realistic Fiction,Eastern Africa,Zimbabwe,Young Adult,Teen

Pages: 304 pages

Hope Is Our Only Wing pdf

For fifteen-year-old Shamiso, struggling with grief and bewilderment following her father’s death, hope is nothing but a leap into darkness. ,For Tanyaradzwa, whose life has been turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis, hope is the only reason to keep fighting. ,As the two of them form an unlikely friendship, Shamiso begins to confront her terrible fear of loss. In getting close to another person, particularly someone who’s ill, isn’t she just opening herself up to more pain? And underpinning it all – what did happen to her father, the night of that strange and implausible car crash?