Honor and Polygamy pdf

Honor and Polygamy  pdf

Title: Honor and Polygamy pdf

Author: Omar Farhad

Genre: ,History,Nonfiction,Polyamory,Polygamy

Pages: 132 pages

Honor and Polygamy pdf

Heartbreaking and timely novel by Afghan-American author follows one man’s journey from New York to the clutches of the Taliban and into an unintentional polygamist union. “He is picking up the same bags with the same clothes Lisa packed and folded a year ago. He wishes he were like his clothes, untouched by external forces.” Family man Nick Blake is living in New York City and working for the United Nations. Born and raised in the United States with broad knowledge of the Afghan culture, he is living the All-American life with his wife, Lisa, and their children. His life is turned upside down when, while on a diplomatic mission to Afghanistan, Nick is kidnapped and finds himself in the clutches of the Taliban. Omar Farhad’s debut novel Honor and Polygamy follows Nick throughout his eighteen months in Afghanistan and the devastating and unexpected turns his life takes, as he learns the true meanings of home, history and culture. After being held captive for several months, Nick is forced to marry the sixteen-year-old Shaista. Although he cannot forget his beloved wife and children back home, he finds himself falling in love with his second wife and, overwhelmed with guilt, is torn between his old life and his new one. Honor and Polygamy is far from simply a captivating fiction story, but is also a brilliant commentary on the United States’ situation with Afghanistan. Farhad expresses his views on both the political and the cultural sides of Afghanistan. Politically, he is predicting how he feels the war will ultimately end, while culturally, he shows readers not familiar with Afghanistan that the 35-year-old war has created a population, which is uneducated, disloyal, and without identity. The United States and many other nations have continuously disrupted Afghanistan with no clear political objectives, and, in his novel, Farhad explores the consequences of these actions. The story of Nick Blake represents the reality of the Afghan culture and the results and disappointments of the political realities in Afghanistan, and shows readers just how unaware we all are of other cultures. Written by an author who has lived both the American and Afghan ways of life, Honor and Polygamy is a harrowing, haunting and deeply moving tale for our times.


His Favorite Wife: Trapped in Polygamy pdf

His Favorite Wife: Trapped in Polygamy  pdf

Title: His Favorite Wife: Trapped in Polygamy pdf

Author: Susan Ray Schmidt

Genre: ,Nonfiction,Autobiography,Memoir,Religion,Polyamory,Polygamy,Biography,Religion,Cults

Pages: 445 pages

His Favorite Wife: Trapped in Polygamy pdf

His Favorite Wife is the heart-stopping, inspirational narrative of a courageous, fifteen-year-old girl who becomes the sixth wife in a polygamous marriage. Cascading with rich, well-developed characters, this true story will capture your soul and imagination as the author reveals how a group of kind-hearted, sincere people are led to embrace this controversial lifestyle in their pursuit of the highest degree of glory. Laced with surprising brush-strokes of humor, this heart-rending saga will take its readers on a journey that outsiders whisper of and shudder about. It answers the question that a polygamist’s wife is asked countless times: How can you tolerate sharing your husband?,,In North America today there are over thirty thousand polygamists. They lead secret lives in their attempt to hide from society and U.S. laws. Their women are taught that obedience, unquestioning acceptance of polygamy, and giving birth to huge families of children to follow in their parent’s footsteps will assure them a celestial crown. Few search out truth for themselves, but trustingly follow their prophet. Susan’s book deals with this head-in-the-sand ignorance. She too, was one of these women.