The Edge of the Abyss pdf

The Edge of the Abyss  pdf

Title: The Edge of the Abyss pdf

Author: Emily Skrutskie

Genre: ,LGBT,Young Adult,Science Fiction,Fantasy,GLBT,Queer,Adventure,Pirates,Romance,GLBT,Lesbian,Fiction,Adventure

Pages: 320 pages

The Edge of the Abyss pdf

Three weeks have passed since Cassandra Leung pledged her allegiance to the ruthless pirate-queen Santa Elena and set free Bao, the sea monster Reckoner she’d been forced to train. The days as a pirate trainee are long and grueling, but it’s not the physical pain that Cas dreads most. It’s being forced to work with Swift, the pirate girl who broke her heart. ,But Cas has even bigger problems when she discovers that Bao is not the only monster swimming free. Other Reckoners illegally sold to pirates have escaped their captors and are taking the NeoPacific by storm, attacking ships at random and ruining the ocean ecosystem. As a Reckoner trainer, Cas might be the only one who can stop them. But how can she take up arms against creatures she used to care for and protect?,Will Cas embrace the murky morals that life as a pirate brings or perish in the dark waters of the NeoPacific?


Fury’s Death pdf

Fury's Death  pdf

Title: Fury’s Death pdf

Author: Brey Willows

Genre: ,Fantasy,Romance,Fantasy,Urban Fantasy,LGBT,Fantasy,Paranormal,Religion,Lesbian,Lesbian Fiction

Pages: 240 pages

Fury’s Death pdf

Fun-loving fury Megara Graves is seriously tired of working so hard. With the world collapsing around her, she no longer has time for the hedonistic lifestyle she adores. When religion merges with politics and both gods and humans show their true colors, she wonders if it would be better to let the world burn itself to the ground.,Dani Morana, more commonly known as Death, is busy not just with people dying as usual, but with the deaths caused by Chaos as well. She’s been horribly lonely for a long time but knows no one could possibly love her for who she is. Overwhelmed when the world erupts in fear and violence, she needs someone to turn to.,Will Meg and Dani be able to find their way through the darkness enveloping the earth? Or will Death be the last one standing?,,Cover Artist: Sheri Halal,Genres: Fantasy / Paranormal & Urban Fantasy / Romance


How Sweet It Is pdf

How Sweet It Is  pdf

Title: How Sweet It Is pdf

Author: Melissa Brayden

Genre: ,Romance,GLBT,Lesbian,LGBT,Romance,Lesbian Romance

Pages: 264 pages

How Sweet It Is pdf

Some things are better than chocolate…,Molly O’Brien is a sweetheart. Her friends and neighbors all think so. While she enjoys her quiet life running the town bakeshop in Applewood, Illinois, she wonders if there could be more. After losing the love of her life four years prior in a plane crash, Molly thinks she’s ready to navigate the dicey dating waters once again. However, you can’t always pick who your heart latches on to. When Jordan Tuscana, the beautiful younger sister of her lost love, returns to town, Molly finds her interest piqued in a manner she wasn’t prepared for.,As secrets are uncovered, Molly and Jordan must figure out how to navigate the difficult terrain of their multi-faceted relationship. Especially when something much deeper seems to be bubbling between them.


Strawberry Summer pdf

Strawberry Summer  pdf

Title: Strawberry Summer pdf

Author: Melissa Brayden

Genre: ,Romance,LGBT,GLBT,Lesbian,Romance,Lesbian Romance,Contemporary

Pages: 266 pages

Strawberry Summer pdf

Just because you’re through with your past, doesn’t mean it’s through with you.,Margaret Beringer didn’t have an easy adolescence. She hated her name, was less than popular in school, and was always cast aside as a “farm kid.” However, with the arrival of Courtney Carrington, Margaret’s youth sparked into color. Courtney was smart, beautiful, and put together—everything Margaret wasn’t. Who would have imagined that they’d fit together so perfectly?,But first loves can scar.,Margaret hasn’t seen Courtney in years and that’s for the best. But when Courtney loses her father and returns to Tanner Peak to take control of the family store, Margaret comes face-to-face with her past and the woman she’s tried desperately to forget. The fact that Courtney has grown up more beautiful than ever certainly doesn’t help matters.


Raven pdf

Raven  pdf

Title: Raven pdf

Author: Skye Knizley

Genre: ,Fantasy,Urban Fantasy,Fantasy,Paranormal,Fantasy,Paranormal,Vampires,GLBT,Lesbian

Pages: 256 pages

Raven pdf

All Hallows Eve approaches and for once Raven Storm has plans to spend the holiday enjoying a party at Isle of Night with family and friends, something she hasn’t done since high school.,But someone has other plans and Raven is called to investigate the grisly murder of Monsignor Quinn, a priest left to drown in his own blood. He is the fifth such victim in as many weeks and local police are baffled.,With a new, untested partner Raven must delve into Boston’s underworld and confront an ancient evil, a creature like nothing she’s ever seen, before it kills again.,But how do you stop someone who wears your own face?,RAVEN: Book five of the Storm Chronicles


London Calling pdf

London Calling  pdf

Title: London Calling pdf

Author: Clare Lydon

Genre: ,Romance,LGBT,GLBT,Lesbian,Contemporary,Fiction

Pages: 242 pages

London Calling pdf

ASIN B00IN36K6E moved to the most recent edition here,A break-up. A mix-up. Will there be a make-up?,Jess Sharp’s life hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. She’s 32, unemployed, and single after a devastating breakup. She’s also left Australia for London to live in her parents’ spare room. Her chaotic life seems to be spiraling until she meets someone who could be a game-changer. ,She’s optimistic after a wildly successful first date, but far too much tequila and the ghosts of girlfriends past may drag her far below her lowest point. Can she win the race for romance without tripping? ,London Calling is the first book in a series of lesbian romance novels. If you like punchy drama, wicked humor, and charming British characters, then you’ll love Clare Lydon’s hilarious debut novel. ,Buy London Calling today to see if Jess stands a chance!


Shadowstorm pdf

Shadowstorm  pdf

Title: Shadowstorm pdf

Author: Skye Knizley

Genre: ,Fantasy,Paranormal,Fantasy,Urban Fantasy,Paranormal,Vampires,Fantasy,GLBT,Lesbian

Pages: 251 pages

Shadowstorm pdf

In the spring of 1984, just before his daughter’s birth, Detective Mason Storm began an investigation into the ritualistic slaying of seven women, their bodies defiled and left covered in black rose petals. ,The case ended with Storm suspended. The bizarre murders were left unsolved. ,Thirty years later, the killer has returned and Raven Storm has been assigned to the case, tasked to succeed where her father failed. With two bodies on her hands and only a handful of cryptic clues in a thirty year old case file, Raven steps into the darkness, determined to catch the killer before another woman dies. ,But how do you solve a murder in the shadow of your father? ,Shadowstorm. ,Book Four of the Bestselling Storm Chronicles.


In Step pdf

In Step  pdf

Title: In Step pdf

Author: Nicole Higginbotham

Genre: ,Romance,GLBT,Lesbian

Pages: 132 pages

In Step pdf

Wilkins a conservative soldier gets the shock of her life upon her first meeting with Johnson, an overly liberal journalist from San Antonio. Johnson is blunt, loud, and kind of cute but nevertheless, the exact opposite of quiet, rule-bound Wilkins. Johnson, who happens to be best friends with Wilkins’ superior, Tech Sergeant Ian Morris, ends up falling head over heels for the modest sergeant, and upon learning the nature of Johnson’s feelings, Wilkins tries her best to avoid the extraverted woman, knowing that if she gives in to the promised affection, her job title and reputation will be compromised. However, when Johnson is assigned to do an undercover story about life as an Air Force trainee and is asked to reside in the dormitories as a trainee, all chaos breaks lose. Wilkins ends up having to choose between love and her responsibility as a soldier, knowing that her choice may have a lasting effect on the rest of her life


The Beginning of Us pdf

The Beginning of Us  pdf

Title: The Beginning of Us pdf

Author: Sarah Brooks,

Genre: ,Romance,Contemporary,LGBT,GLBT,Lesbian

Pages: 115 pages

The Beginning of Us pdf

Eliza, where are you? I’m listening, watching, waiting for you. I need you. How dare you run away? Where’s the courage, the fearlessness I fell in love with?,I don’t know what else to do but write. It’s dark in my dorm room, and the wind rattles the panes of my window, and I’m supposed to be driving to my parents’ right now for winter break, but I can’t feel my arms or my legs, and my chest aches because I don’t know where you’ve gone. Or why.,I know I shouldn’t have fallen in love with my professor. But you inspired me when you stood in front of the class, telling us to find our authentic selves. And I did—with you. How could I know that you would be so afraid of this, of us? That you’d be so terrified of . . . yourself? Wherever you are, Eliza, hear me—and come back to me.,Love (yes, I’ll write that word, Professor), Your Tara


The Machines of Bellatrix pdf

The Machines of Bellatrix  pdf

Title: The Machines of Bellatrix pdf

Author: Cary Caffrey

Genre: ,Science Fiction,GLBT,Lesbian,LGBT

Pages: 270 pages

The Machines of Bellatrix pdf

Alcyone is gone. The Independent stronghold on Scorpii is destroyed. Sigrid and her sisters have fled the Federation to make a new home on the remote world of Medea. ,But with a price on her head the size of a planet, and pursued across the galaxy by the Council for Trade and Finance, Sigrid knows she and her sisters are not safe. As long as there are those who would seek to control them, hunt them, they will never be safe. ,Unless Sigrid can stop them first. ,But to stop them, Sigrid must first find them. But how? And where? Her only clue is a mysterious coded message; one that could serve as either warning or invitation; one that will lead Sigrid to a factory world at the very edge of Federation space, and to a deadly confrontation with her most dangerous enemy yet: the machines of Bellatrix.