When We Kissed pdf

When We Kissed  pdf

Title: When We Kissed pdf

Author: Kim Roshell

Genre: ,Sociology,Abuse,Romance,Interracial Romance

Pages: 419 pages

When We Kissed pdf

For a girl who’s suffered more than her fair share of loss and a boy who has everything he’s ever wanted, seven minutes shouldn’t change anything—except, they do. They change everything. Simone Bruckner is no stranger to heartache, so it stands to reason she avoids messy entanglements like making too many friends, or worse, actually finding a boyfriend in a school where she’s been voted Girl Least Likely to do Much of Anything outside of working at a rundown diner. Boyfriends mean opening herself to the possibility of falling in love. Falling in love means the possibility of losing love. Why risk heartache with someone, especially if that someone isn’t the guy she’s already fallen for? The guy who’s already off-limits.Whitney “Whit” Devereaux is on track for a lifetime of successes: an acceptance to Yale, following in the footsteps of his much revered grandfather, a beautiful girlfriend, who will surely one day wear his ring, by his side. Being with anyone else never even crosses his mind. At least, not before he finds himself locked in a closet with the one girl who should be off-limits. The girl whose kisses change everything he thought he knew.


Red’s Bear pdf

Red's Bear  pdf

Title: Red’s Bear pdf

Author: Yvette Hines

Genre: ,Fantasy,Paranormal,Romance,Interracial Romance,Paranormal,Shapeshifters,Romance

Pages: 205 pages

Red’s Bear pdf

Rena “Red” Hoodman is on her way to her grandmother’s house. After a crazy year that ends with the loss of her job she agrees to cabin sit. Now, she’s trapped in the woods and drawn to a rugged mid-night blonde, onyx eyed handyman contracted to do work around the house. This man is no stranger to her, even if she’s suppressed those memories in her mind, her body knows. Years later, there’s still something about him that makes the hair stand-up on the back of her neck and her inner thighs sweat.,Cord Bjorn’s mate has finally come home again and this time the timing is perfect. With his father ruffling his fur about claiming his place in the county with a mate, Cord felt tied to a leash. Now, there’s a shift in the wind and Rena is her name. He still recalls the last summer she visited Den County and the kiss they shared beside the lake. Heat and attraction build until he and the sienna beauty find themselves tangled in sheets. A night that should have ended with a morning full of smiles, instead dawn breaks and truths unfold.,Red finds herself running for her life, from secrets and lies that she’s too afraid to accept.


Black Butterfly pdf

Black Butterfly  pdf

Title: Black Butterfly pdf

Author: Sienna Mynx

Genre: ,Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,Adult Fiction,Erotica,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Contemporary,Romance,Erotic Romance,Erotica,BDSM,Adult,New Adult,Sociology,Abuse

Pages: 0 pages

Black Butterfly pdf

Sydney Allen has a dream. To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star. She’s moved to New York, and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side, her dream is destined to be a reality. That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show–Nolen Adams. A Wall Street Investment banker who’s playboy ways are notorious among the Big Apple’s socialites. His lust and desires for Sydney are at first spurned. She will never be a casting couch bunny. But Nolen Adams doesn’t take well to rejection. He’s a man who always gets who and what he wants. Despite her efforts to achieve her chance at stardom through handwork and discipline, she is forced to address the admiration of her Producer. His pursuit of her sets Sydney and her friends on a collision path of pain, heartache, and self-discovery that will forever change their friendship. Every bond between friends and new lovers are put to the test when lies and deceit overshadow the best of intentions. And Sydney soon learns the price of fame can ultimately be the cost of one’s heart.,Publisher Warning: Strong language, Explicit Sexual Content, Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Mild Violence, Strong Adult Themes. If you want more of Sienna Mynx, please be sure to visit: thedivaspen.com.


The White Billionaire Complete Set pdf

The White Billionaire Complete Set  pdf

Title: The White Billionaire Complete Set pdf

Author: Lena Skye

Genre: ,Romance,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance

Pages: 296 pages

The White Billionaire Complete Set pdf

DO NOT MISS THIS SPECIAL SALE PRICE ONLY FOR THE LAUNCH!,,This is the COMPLETE collection of the epic interracial bwwm romance series, The White Billionaire — all FOUR books in one. Save 50% versus buying the individual books!,,Money, lies, betrayal, misunderstandings and much more. Dating a billionaire is never easy.,,Camille is a young, ambitious African American woman who lands herself a new job as personal assistant to young Billionaire, Kyle Kane. Kyle is the sexiest white guy that Camille has ever seen and concentrating at work is not going to be easy with such a dreamboat around.,,However, things get very interesting when Kyle suggests that her job as personal assistant is set to be much more “PERSONAL” then she first imagined….,,Warning: This story does contain scenes of a sexual nature and is the type of book your mama will have warned you about.,This box set includes:,1- Dating The White Billionaire,2- The Secret Of The White Billionaire,3- Submitting To The White Billionaire,4- TheWhite Billionaire’s Baby


Suite Seduction pdf

Suite Seduction  pdf

Title: Suite Seduction pdf

Author: J.M. Jeffries

Genre: ,Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,Contemporary

Pages: 174 pages

Suite Seduction pdf

Renata Novak wants to be a bad girl, but her good Catholic upbringing has always gotten in her way until she meets a sexy Englishman over a pair of red lace panties. Renata, celebrating her divorce, throws away her good girl image for one glorious night in the arms of a sexy handsome stranger. Five months later, she pregnant with no husband in sight.,,Baron Damien DeWinters, hotel magnate, can’t get the beautiful Renata or her red lace knickers out of his head. He searches for her and discovers he’s about to be the daddy of twins. What’s a proper English baron supposed to do? Too bad Renata, after a highly unpleasant divorce, isn’t about to commit again. Damien sets out to make her his wife and falls in love instead.


Same Page pdf

Same Page  pdf

Title: Same Page pdf

Author: G.L. Tomas

Genre: ,Romance,New Adult,Romance,Interracial Romance

Pages: 175 pages

Same Page pdf

What happens when chemistry gets complicated?,New to Providence, RI, Naima Adewunmi had every intention of fulfilling everything she left her New York borough for, finishing up her Bachelor’s degree and finding a job while doing it.,She wasn’t supposed to fall for Timothy Ferreiro, a smooth, slick talking, sexy specimen of a man, messy bedhead hair included, who also happens to be her new boss. From first wink she was under his spell, which wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t one underlying issue: Tim’s got a long distance girlfriend.,Drama unfolds in a tale of will they or won’t they in this steamy office romance. Can two people in a messy game of attraction find themselves on the same page?,*Same Page Book One in a duology. It is suggested for Mature audiences due to strong sexual content and slight drug use.


Alfonzo pdf

Alfonzo  pdf

Title: Alfonzo pdf

Author: S.W. Frank

Genre: ,Mystery,Crime,Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,Contemporary

Pages: 261 pages

Alfonzo pdf

A young Mafia Capo is bringing sexy back in this first installment in the series, Alfonzo!,Alfonzo Diaz has the quintessential New York City swagger and tough attitude borne from growing up in a neighborhood where respect hinge’s on how much you’re feared. The only male role-model in Alfonzo’s life is his beloved Uncle Al but even he can not curb the youth’s rebellion or alter the course of Alfonzo’s destiny. Alfonzo’s fate was written the moment he emerged from the protection of his mother’s womb. The blood of a faceless father runs deep in a son’s veins and blue eyes are only part of a deadly legacy.,When Uncle Al and his wife are brutally murdered the door to the past is sprung open. Lies, greed and a quest for power began on the shores of Italy reaches its bloody hand to New York’s inner city to strike at a young man perched to inherit a mafia empire! ,A pulsating, adult drama packed with heat!,Look for Volume II entitled: ASCENSION in this riveting series.


Love Script pdf

Love Script  pdf

Title: Love Script pdf

Author: Tiffany Ashley

Genre: ,Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,Contemporary,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Adult Fiction,Erotica,Adult,Romance,Erotic Romance,Womens Fiction,Chick Lit,Humor,Fiction


Love Script pdf

Determined to land a huge advertising account for his company, Nick gets a LITTLE carried away and tells the potential client he’s married, then he has a serious problem–he can’t join the client on the ship unless he shows up with the wife he’s supposed to be taking on an anniversary cruise.,Laney Parks is either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time-She isn’t sure which. She isn’t even entirely certain of how she got roped into posing as her hunky boss’s wife. She finds it SERIOUSLY unnerving, though, to ‘stick to the script’ when that includes cuddling up and kissing in public, and even more unnerving to share the close confines of the cabin-and its single bed-with him. ,Rating: Adult situations and language.


Before Sunrise pdf

Before Sunrise  pdf

Title: Before Sunrise pdf

Author: Sienna Mynx

Genre: ,Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,War,Military Fiction

Pages: 697 pages

Before Sunrise pdf

For military wife Kennedy Flanagan, starting over had not been easy. Learning to let go after the tragic killing of her Navy Seal husband in the Afghan War proved to be mission impossible. But after five long years and countless hours of tears and healing, Kennedy has moved on.,KIA? No. Liam Flanagan is alive! A Special Ops team uncovers the bunker he was held prisoner in and Liam has a second chance at life. However, five years is a long time. Soon life deals another blow. His wife has remarried and his daughter calling a man he hates daddy.,Caught between the past and the harsh realities of the present, both Liam and Kennedy fight for the love they’ve had and forgiveness for all they’ve lost. Before Sunrise, promises to make you a believer in the happily ever after we all deserve.


F*THS pdf

F*THS  pdf

Title: F*THS pdf

Author: G.L. Tomas

Genre: ,New Adult,Romance,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Romance,Interracial Romance,LGBT

Pages: 197 pages

F*THS pdf

Teddy had two rules—Live for the moment and never look back.,With wealth, good looks and confidence at her fingertips, nothing was going to stop her from living life to the fullest. Not even the secret she’s been forced to live with.,When Asher Rose met Teddy King, he knew it’d be trouble but it was just the kind of trouble he didn’t mind himself falling in, what he didn’t plan was falling hard for the girl no one could tame.,What happens when you take a trip on this sexy ride? An intense, messy and wild ride all the way down. ,*FTHS is the Book One in a duology. It is intended for Adults 18+ for explicit casual sex, drug use and profanity.