Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters pdf

Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters  pdf

Title: Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters pdf

Author: Janet E. Morris (Editor),

Genre: ,Fantasy,Fantasy,Dragons,Short Stories,Horror,Anthologies,Historical,Adventure,Heroic Fantasy,Sword and Sorcery,War,Military Fiction,Literary Fiction

Pages: 393 pages

Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters pdf

The art of dragon killing: Dragons have been eating humans for centuries. Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe. Learn how to hunt, kill, and eat the wild dragon. Never before has revenge tasted so good. A literary feast for the bloody-minded. ,In Janet Morris’ anthology on the art of dragon killing, seventeen writers bring you so close to dragons you can smell their fetid breath. Tales for the bold among you. ,HEROIKA 1: DRAGON EATERS , an anthology of heroic fiction edited by Janet Morris, features original stories by Janet E. Morris, Chris Morris, S.E. Lindberg, Walter Rhein, Cas Peace, Jack William Finley, A.L. Butcher, Travis Ludvigson, Tom Barczak, J.P. Wilder, Joe Bonadonna, Milton J. Davis, M. Harold Page, William Hiles, Beth W. Patterson, Bruce Durham, Mark Finn.


Black Heart pdf

Black Heart  pdf

Title: Black Heart pdf

Author: Mark Smylie

Genre: ,Fantasy,Fantasy,Epic Fantasy,Heroic Fantasy,Sword and Sorcery,Fantasy,Dark Fantasy,Fiction

Pages: 600 pages

Black Heart pdf

The last survivors of the raid on the Barrow of Azharad have scattered to the four winds, each walking a separate path. For some, it is the path of noble service, as the households of great kings and warlords beckon, offering a chance to enter the fray of politics with the fate of nations on the line. For others, it is the path of secrets and magic, as the veil of the world parts to reveal the hidden truths that dwell in shadow and spirit.,And for Stjepan Black-Heart, royal cartographer and suspected murderer, it is the path of battle and sacrifice, as he is summoned to attend the household of the Grand Duke Owen Lis Red, the Earl Marshal to the High King of the Middle Kingdoms, on his latest campaign to find and kill Porloss, the Rebel Earl: an elusive quarry lurking behind an army of ruthless renegade knights in the wild hills of the Manon Mole, a land where every step could be your last, and where lie secrets best left undisturbed.,,From the Trade Paperback edition.


Passage to Dawn pdf

Passage to Dawn  pdf

Title: Passage to Dawn pdf

Author: R.A. Salvatore

Genre: ,Fantasy,Dungeons and Dragons,Forgotten Realms,Fiction,Science Fiction Fantasy,Fantasy,Epic Fantasy,Role Playing Games,Dungeons and Dragons,Fantasy,High Fantasy,Fantasy,Magic,Audiobook,Heroic Fantasy,Sword and Sorcery

Pages: 339 pages

Passage to Dawn pdf

Six years. Not so long in the lifespan of a drow. And yet–in counting the months, the weeks, the days, the hours–it seemed to me as if I had been away from Mithril Hall a hundred times that number. The place was another lifetime, another way of life, a mere stepping stone to…,To what? To where?,I ride the waves along the sword coast now, the wind and spray in my face. My ceiling is the rush of clouds and the canopy of stars, my floor, the creaking boards of a swift, well-weathered ship. Beyond that lies the azure blanket, flat and still, heaving and rolling, hissing in the rain and exploding under the fall of a breaching whale.,Is this, then, my home?


Rise of a Merchant Prince pdf

Rise of a Merchant Prince  pdf

Title: Rise of a Merchant Prince pdf

Author: Raymond E. Feist

Genre: ,Fantasy,Fiction,Fantasy,Epic Fantasy,Fantasy,High Fantasy,Science Fiction Fantasy,Epic,Fantasy,Magic,War,Fantasy,Heroic Fantasy,Novels

Pages: 479 pages

Rise of a Merchant Prince pdf

A TALE OF WEALTH AND AMBITION IN A WORLD OF MURDER, MAGIC AND INTRIGUE.,Roo Avery, recently returned from a harrowing brush with the armies of the Emerald Queen, is now free to choose his own destiny and his ultimate ambition is to become one of the richest and most powerful merchants in Midkemia.,But nothing can prepare him for the dangers of the new life he has chosen where the repayment of a debt can be as deadly as a knife in the shadows. Even those closest to him are suspect and as Roo struggles to build his financial empire, betrayal is always close at hand. His instinctive cunning will serve him well, but he will soon realise that the road to success is far from smooth.,And while Roo works towards achieving his goal, the memory of the distant forces of darkness are never far away. For the war with the Emerald Queen is far from over and the inevitable confrontation will pose the biggest threat yet to his new found wealth and power.


Elric: Song of the Black Sword pdf

Elric: Song of the Black Sword  pdf

Title: Elric: Song of the Black Sword pdf

Author: Michael Moorcock

Genre: ,Fantasy,Fiction,Heroic Fantasy,Sword and Sorcery,Science Fiction

Pages: 480 pages

Elric: Song of the Black Sword pdf

The founders of modern literary fancy deserve their own place in the light. The Borealis Legends line is a tribute to the creators of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres as we know them today.


Death Angel’s Shadow pdf

Death Angel's Shadow  pdf

Title: Death Angel’s Shadow pdf

Author: Karl Edward Wagner

Genre: ,Fantasy,Heroic Fantasy,Sword and Sorcery,Fiction,Horror,Paranormal,Vampires

Pages: 205 pages

Death Angel’s Shadow pdf

The Complete Kane Book 4 from Centipede Press,A quest that took Kane into forbidden wastelands, and tested his killer skills against the most brutal forces ever summoned against a single man. Kane knew he’d lost his strength, and perhaps his soul, when he entered the erotic web of the vampire. . . .