Kiss Me, Cowboy! pdf

Kiss Me, Cowboy!  pdf

Title: Kiss Me, Cowboy! pdf

Author: Maureen Child

Genre: ,Romance,Harlequin,Harlequin Desire,Category Romance,Harlequin,Fiction

Pages: 192 pages

Kiss Me, Cowboy! pdf

Kiss Me, Cowboy! by Maureen Child released on Jan 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.


Pretending with the Playboy pdf

Pretending with the Playboy  pdf

Title: Pretending with the Playboy pdf

Author: Cathleen Galitz

Genre: ,Romance,Harlequin,Harlequin Desire,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Category Romance,Harlequin,Romance,Category Romance

Pages: 176 pages

Pretending with the Playboy pdf

In order to help the Texas Cattleman’s Club in their sting operation, Alexander Kent needed a make-believe wife. The notorious playboy was reluctant to let any woman play Mrs. Kent – even temporarily. This made high school drama coach Stephanie Firth the perfect choice since the plain Jane was only putting up with him for the sake of the assignment. Plain Jane or not, Alex soon found himself drawn to her quiet beauty, and once he slipped a ring on her finger, he wanted to prove to his reluctant wife just how charming and seductive he could be. But once Cinderella shed her inhibitions, would Alex want to make their fantasy…into a reality?