Pisces Hooks Taurus pdf

Pisces Hooks Taurus  pdf

Title: Pisces Hooks Taurus pdf

Author: Anyta Sunday

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Romance,Contemporary,LGBT,Romance,Contemporary Romance,Humor,Gay Romance,Gay For You,New Adult,LGBT,Bisexual,Adult

Pages: 288 pages

Pisces Hooks Taurus pdf

It’s a time for searching, and a time for finding, Pisces: keep casting your line and you will hook what you’re looking for.,Zane has it all planned out: land the perfect Meet Cute, fall in love, and live happily ever after. ,Should be simple enough if he put his mind to it. A little creativity and some thinking outside of the box, and voila, he’d be married to the woman of his dreams.,It would be perfect. ,And it would be before his visa ran out.,But why are his feelings running wild now that the pressure’s on? Why is his picture-perfect plan turning into a muddled mess of morphed metaphors he can’t make sense of anymore?,Just as well he’s met an English professor to help. And even though their first meet is anything but cute, this down-to-earth teacher may just be the realist Zane needs to ground him and give him a shot at love after all.,Don’t cast your line too wide, Pisces. Your perfect catch may already have bitten.,~ – ~ – ~,Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) is an MM opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring an unapologetic romantic and a broken realist.,More wit, banter and bad puns – and even more heart-stopping slow burn!,Can be read as a standalone.


Roughing the Passer pdf

Roughing the Passer  pdf

Title: Roughing the Passer pdf

Author: Alison Hendricks

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Sports,Sports,Academic,College,Romance,Contemporary,Football,Romance,Contemporary Romance,LGBT,New Adult,Gay Romance,Gay For You

Pages: 212 pages

Roughing the Passer pdf

They couldn’t be more different, and yet they might just be exactly what each other needs.,Garrett Barnes is no stranger to overcoming the odds. Forced to walk away from a Division I scholarship to take care of his family, Garrett was sure he’d never play football again. When an offer comes in from the ESC Mavericks–a school near his hometown–it seems like a dream come true. There’s only one catch: he’s expected to single-handedly save the worst team in the state.,Diego Ruiz has known his whole life that the deck is stacked against him. The harder he tries to fight it, the more it hurts when it knocks him back down. With a lifetime of disappointment to back him up, he’s stopped trying for anything more than mediocrity, both on and off the football field. If not for a promise he’d made years ago, he’d probably just be some nobody in a nowhere job.,So when Coach Ladner brings in some D1 “hero” to save the team, Diego is determined to show him exactly where hard work and perseverance get you–absolutely nowhere. Despite his best efforts, Garrett’s unwavering optimism starts to get under Diego’s skin. Caught on the verge of giving in, he relies on the one thing that’s never failed him: his ability to get curious straight boys into bed.,As the friction between them gives way to passion, the stakes of their former rivalry increase tenfold. With both men’s hearts–and a state title–on the line, there’s no time for playing games. But when Diego’s past comes back to remind him that everything eventually goes to hell, Garrett will have to convince him that some things are worth fighting for.,,Roughing the Passer is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.


Starfish and Coffee pdf

Starfish and Coffee  pdf

Title: Starfish and Coffee pdf

Author: Kele Moon

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Romance,Contemporary,Adult Fiction,Erotica,Gay Romance,Gay For You

Pages: 209 pages

Starfish and Coffee pdf

On the island where they first met two lovers from opposite sides of the tracks are reunited. Now jaded and broken, Alex and Matt still can’t deny their sizzling connection or the memories of one perfect, uninhibited year together. ,At twenty-two, Matt Tarrington is rich, good-looking and destined to be powerful, but behind that confident exterior lurks a man who resents the life his family thrust upon him. Desperate for an escape, Matt heads to Mirabella Island off the coast of Florida for a year of relaxation and some wild nights with vacationing party-girls. ,Matt never expected to find real passion in the arms of Alex Hunter, a handsome, laid-back local. ,Alex is gay, but closeted. Matt should be completely off limits, but Alex finds the deeply in denial rich boy too tempting to ignore. Especially when a bet has them working together, fighting the heat in the rundown, beachside cafe where Alex sweats for every dollar. ,Their love felt inevitable until youth left them vulnerable to hatred and greed. Now after six years of hating the lies they live, Alex and Matt will have to risk it all for the second chance they both desperately need.


Faith & Fidelity pdf

Faith & Fidelity  pdf

Title: Faith & Fidelity pdf

Author: Tere Michaels

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Romance,Contemporary,Gay Romance,Gay For You

Pages: 336 pages

Faith & Fidelity pdf

2nd Edition ,Faith, Love, and Devotion: Book One ,Reeling from the recent death of his wife, police officer Evan Cerelli looks at his four children and can only see how he fails them. His loving wife was the caretaker and nurturer, and now the single father feels himself being crushed by the pain of loss and the heavy responsibility of raising his kids. ,At the urging of his partner, Evan celebrates a coworker’s retirement and meets disgraced former cop turned security consultant Matt Haight. A friendship born out of loneliness and the solace of the bottle turns out to be exactly what they both need. ,The past year has been a slow death for Matt Haight. Ostracized from his beloved police force, facing middle age and perpetual loneliness, Matt sees only a black hole where his future should be. When he discovers another lost soul in Evan, some of the pieces he thought he lost start to fall back in place. Their friendship turns into something deeper, but love is the last thing either man expected, and both of them struggle to reconcile their new and overwhelming feelings for one another.,1st Edition published by Loose Id LLC, September 2008.


La mia piccolina pdf

La mia piccolina  pdf

Title: La mia piccolina pdf

Author: Piper Vaughn ,

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Romance,Contemporary,Gay Romance,Gay For You

Pages: 232 pages

La mia piccolina pdf

“Papà” non era un titolo che Rue Morraway desiderasse, ma non aveva neppure mai pensato di fare sesso con una donna. Adesso è il padre involontario di una neonata di nome Alice. Tra il suo lavoro come barista e la scuola per parrucchieri, Rue non ha il tempo per la bambina, ma non vuole darla via. Quello di cui ha bisogno è una babysitter e sta finendo le opzioni possibili. È sul punto di lasciare la scuola per badare lui stesso ad Alice, quando gli viene in mente il suo solitario vicino, Erik. ,Erik Van Nuys è uno scrittore di libri di fantascienza con un sacco di problemi d’ansia. Non ama la gente in generale e ancora meno ama i bambini. Lo stesso, con i suoi assegni per i diritti in calo, ha bisogno di un entrata extra. Malvolentieri, si cala nel ruolo del tato e ancora meno volentieri, si trova a innamorarsi di Alice e del suo spumeggiante genitore. ,Rue ed Erik sono tanto diversi quanto possono esserlo due persone e Alice è la più inusuale delle bimbe, ma Rue non è mai stato tanto felice quanto lo è con lei ed Erik al suo fianco. Almeno, fino a quando non riceve un’offerta che gli farebbe raggiungere tutti i suoi sogni e non si trova di fronte a una scelta: il futuro che ha sempre sognato o la famiglia che non aveva mai creduto di desiderare?


Butterfly Hunter pdf

Butterfly Hunter  pdf

Title: Butterfly Hunter pdf

Author: Julie Bozza

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Contemporary,Romance,Gay Romance,Gay For You

Pages: 172 pages

Butterfly Hunter pdf

It started as a simple assignment for Aussie bush guide Dave Taylor – escort a lone Englishman in quest of an unknown species of butterfly. ,However Nicholas Goring is no ordinary tourist, his search is far from straightforward, and it’s starting to look as if the butterflies don’t want to be found. ,As Dave teaches Nicholas everything he needs to survive in the Outback he discovers that he too has quite a bit to learn – and that very often the best way to locate something really important is just not to want to find it…


The Alpha’s Pet pdf

The Alpha's Pet  pdf

Title: The Alpha’s Pet pdf

Author: Shannon West

Genre: ,Romance,M M Romance,Fantasy,Paranormal,Paranormal,Shapeshifters,Gay Romance,Gay For You,Romance

Pages: 120 pages

The Alpha’s Pet pdf

Nicky Anderson is living a normal, if hectic life as an artist and part time waiter in a large city, when he’s attacked by a mugger who slashes his throat. When he awakens, he’s naked, and surrounded by large, muscular men. Nicky feels an immediate attraction to Marco, the most handsome man Nicky has ever seen, which is strange, since Nicky is straight. His attraction is overwhelming and downright embarrassing as he licks the man and tries to climb all over him. He soon discovers he’s the newest “pet” of the Mountain Wolf Pack, and Marco is his new master. Saved from certain death, has he exchanged one horrible fate for another? All he knows is that he’s in heat for this beautiful man. When he learns his new master is a wolf shapeshifter who demands his love and obedience, he begins to wonder just what he’s gotten himself into.,Word Count: 26642