Life’s Little Ironies pdf

Life's Little Ironies  pdf

Title: Life’s Little Ironies pdf

Author: Thomas Hardy

Genre: ,Short Stories,Classics,Fiction,Literature,19th Century,Historical,Victorian,European Literature,British Literature,Literature,Literature,English Literature,Anthologies,Collections,Literary Fiction

Pages: 184 pages

Life’s Little Ironies pdf

The phrase `life’s little ironies’ is now proverbial, but it was coined by Hardy as the title for this, his third volume of short stories. While the tales and sketches reflect many of the strengths and themes of the great novels, they are powerful works in their own right. Unified by his quintessential irony, strong visual sense, and engaging characters, they deal with the tragic and the humorous, the metaphysical and the magical. The collection displays the whole range of Hardy’s art as a writer of fiction, from fantasy to uncompromising realism, and from the loving re-creation of a vanished rural world to the repressions of fin-de-siecle bourgeois life.