Batman: The Long Halloween pdf

Batman: The Long Halloween  pdf

Title: Batman: The Long Halloween pdf

Author: Jeph Loeb,

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Dc Comics,Batman,Superheroes,Dc Comics,Fiction,Comics,Comic Book

Pages: 376 pages

Batman: The Long Halloween pdf

Taking place during Batman’s early days of crime fighting, this new edition of the classic mystery tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays. Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman races against the clock as he tries to discover who Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month. A mystery that has the reader continually guessing the identity of the killer, this story also ties into the events that transform Harvey Dent into Batman’s deadly enemy, Two-Face.


Batman: The Killing Joke pdf

Batman: The Killing Joke  pdf

Title: Batman: The Killing Joke pdf

Author: Alan Moore ,

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Dc Comics,Batman,Fiction,Graphic Novels Comics

Pages: 50 pages

Batman: The Killing Joke pdf

For the first time the Joker’s origin is revealed in this tale of insanity and human perseverance. Looking to prove that any man can be pushed past his breaking point and go mad, the Joker attempts to drive Commissioner Gordon insane. ,After shooting and permanently paralyzing his daughter Barbara (a.k.a. Batgirl), the Joker kidnaps the commissioner and attacks his mind in hopes of breaking the man. ,But refusing to give up, Gordon maintains his sanity with the help of Batman in an effort to beset the madman.


Bombshells: United, Vol. 2: War Bonds pdf

Bombshells: United, Vol. 2: War Bonds  pdf

Title: Bombshells: United, Vol. 2: War Bonds pdf

Author: Marguerite Bennett,

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Superheroes,Dc Comics,Comics,Superheroes,Historical,Historical Fiction,LGBT

Pages: 144 pages

Bombshells: United, Vol. 2: War Bonds pdf

Spinning off of the hit DC Collectibles statue line, the incredible Bombshells reunite once again in a brand-new story about the greatest heroines the world has ever known!,Kate Kane, the all-American Batwoman; Diana f Themyscira, warrior princess of the Amazons; Kara Starikov and Kortni Duginovna, defenders of Mother Russia; and Mera, royal daughter of the legendary Atlantis come together once again in an action packed, female-empowering story: THE BOMBSHELLS!,Marguerite Bennett (Earth 2: World’s End) delivers once again in this alternate reality where super-powered women are on the front lines fighting for justice! Collects Bombshells United #7-12.


World Without a Superman pdf

World Without a Superman  pdf

Title: World Without a Superman pdf

Author: Dan Jurgens,

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Dc Comics,Superman,Superheroes,Dc Comics,Comics,Comic Book,Comics,Superheroes

Pages: 240 pages

World Without a Superman pdf

Written by various; Art by various In the ultimate battle, Superman sacrificed his own life in order to defeat the rampaging alien, Doomsday. But now that the planet is saved, the world must deal with the loss of their greatest hero. Superman’s closest allies, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Green Lantern gather as they try to come to terms with the death of their friend. And as Clark Kent’s fiancee, Lois Lane, tries to cope with the loss of the man she loved, she discovers that Project Cadmus has stolen Superman’s body and it is now up to her and Lex Luthor’s girlfriend, Supergirl to stop them from cloning the Man of Steel. Superman 240pg. Color Softcover $19.99 US ISBN 1563891182


Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 1: Redemption pdf

Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 1: Redemption  pdf

Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 1: Redemption pdf

Author: Scott Lobdell (Writer),

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Superheroes,Dc Comics,Comics,Comic Book,Comics,Superheroes

Pages: 160 pages

Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 1: Redemption pdf

No sooner has Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd, put his past as the Red Hood behind him than he finds himself cornered by a pair of modern day outlaws: Green Arrow’s rejected sidekick Arsenal, the damaged soldier of fortune, and the alien Starfire, a former prisoner of intergalactic war who won’t be chained again. As a loner, Jason has absolutely no interest in this motley crew of outlaws. So what’s he going to do when they choose the Red Hood as their leader?,Collecting: Red Hood and the Outlaws 1-7


Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation pdf

Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation  pdf

Title: Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation pdf

Author: Gail Simone,

Genre: ,Sequential Art,Comics,Sequential Art,Graphic Novels,Superheroes,Dc Comics,Graphic Novels Comics,Comics,Comic Book,Comics,Superheroes

Pages: 144 pages

Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation pdf

From the pages of DC’s smash hit Villains United comes the saga of a mysterious new team of misfit adventures that walk the line between good and evil… and takes on the dirtiest, craziest missions in the DC Universe! Their first mission — to rescue one of their own from a North Korean prison before he’s executed — leads them to the realization that someone is trying to have them all killed. But who has it in for them?