Lick Your Neighbor pdf

Lick Your Neighbor  pdf

Title: Lick Your Neighbor pdf

Author: Chris Genoa

Genre: ,Horror,Bizarro Fiction,Fiction,Humor

Pages: 304 pages

Lick Your Neighbor pdf

When Dale Alden of the Duxbury Historical Preservation Society awakes on the morning before Thanksgiving, there’s a turkey hanging from a tree in his backyard, a duck hanging from a rope in his fridge, an ill-tempered farmer in his bedroom, cops on his doorstep, and his son’s greasy, drumstick-clutching hand in his face. And that’s all before he leaves for work. Mutant ninjas, a talking whale, kung-fu masters, maniacal Pilgrims and an alcoholic clown populate Chris Genoa’s surreal, darkly comical and unnerving reimagining of the first Thanksgiving. Put down your feathered headdresses, puritan collars and buckled shoes and prepare to get schooled in the alternate history lesson they never mentioned in grade school.