Bittersweet Symphony pdf

Bittersweet Symphony  pdf

Title: Bittersweet Symphony pdf

Author: Rebecca McNutt

Genre: ,Fiction,Horror,Fantasy,Supernatural,New York,Fantasy,Paranormal,LGBT,Asexual,Mystery,Gothic

Pages: 223 pages

Bittersweet Symphony pdf

First published on September 11th, 2017, Bittersweet Symphony is a gothic postmodern novella following seven severely flawed characters who come to believe that their office on the 17th Floor of a tower in the city of Syracuse is haunted. In the concrete jungles of corporate New York, a skyscraper stands in a faded industrial brownfield. The Madson Tower, a place notorious for murders and cases of deadly negligence, has attracted the interests of CEO Tony Barone and his team of employees. Sure, the landlord might be a bit creepy, Tony’s daughter might be seeing things that aren’t real, but the cheap rental price is definitely a steal! If Tony wasn’t such a skeptic himself, he might be able to see the horrible things surrounding him. Are his employees just being too panicky, or is there something more sinister at work? If Tony doesn’t figure out what to do soon, he and his team might just become more casualties of a structure that eats people alive.