The Passion of Artemisia pdf

The Passion of Artemisia  pdf

Title: The Passion of Artemisia pdf

Author: Susan Vreeland

Genre: ,Historical,Historical Fiction,Fiction,Art,Cultural,Italy,Historical,Art,Art History

Pages: 352 pages

The Passion of Artemisia pdf

From extraordinary highs – patronage by the Medicis, friendship with Galileo and, most importantly of all, beautiful and outstandingly original paintings – to rape by her father’s colleague, torture by the Inquisition, life-long struggles for acceptance by the artistic Establishment, and betrayal by the men she loved, Artemisia was a bold and brilliant woman who lived as she wanted, and paid a high price. Now Susan Vreeland, author of the acclaimed GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE, brings her story to passionate and vivid life.


Masterpiece pdf

Masterpiece  pdf

Title: Masterpiece pdf

Author: Miranda Glover

Genre: ,Art,Art,Art History,Fiction

Pages: 400 pages

Masterpiece pdf

MASTERPIECE is a beautifully written, fast-paced page-turner set in the contemporary art scene featuring celebrated Brit-artist Esther Glass. In an audacious stroke she puts herself up for sale by auction at Sotheby’s as a living masterpiece, to be owned by the highest bidder for a week. For each day of her possession, she will perform as one of seven iconic women, themselves the subjects of great paintings from the past. (CHRISTINA OF DENMARK by Holbein, OLYMPIA by Manet, MADONNA OF THE PINKS by Raphael, MADAME DE SENONNES by Ingres, MRS LEYLAND by Whistler, ISABELLA D’ESTE by Leonardo da Vinci, and JUDITH AND HOLOFERNES by Klimt.) Esther’s extraordinary art adventure takes her to major European galleries and the Frick in New York to research her seven selected masterpieces. Once sold, she returns to Manhattan for her week of ownership. There she is forced to confront financial corruption by her dealers, the instability of her relationships with her lovers and, on her return to London, her own intrinsic values as an artist, daughter and woman.,,MASTERPIECE gives us rare access and insight into the workings of the contemporary art scene – and examines the effects of self-obsession, celebrity and greed on the part of its key players. It comes at a seminal moment when the art of sensation has possibly run its course. Where can it – and our heroine – possibly go next?