‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore pdf

'Tis Pity She's a Whore  pdf

Title: ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore pdf

Author: John Ford,

Genre: ,Plays,Classics,Plays,Theatre,Fiction,Literature,17th Century

Pages: 176 pages

‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore pdf

L’amour incestueux de Giovanni pour sa soeur Annabella dans la Parme de la Renaissance choque profondément la famille d’en face, les Soranzo, et tous ceux qui sont soumis à la loi implacable de Dieu. Le tuteur de Giovanni est torturé entre sa foi et la philosophie libérale qu’il enseigne à son élève.


The September Queen pdf

The September Queen  pdf

Title: The September Queen pdf

Author: Gillian Bagwell

Genre: ,Historical,Romance,Literature,17th Century,Historical,Historical Fiction

Pages: 389 pages

The September Queen pdf

Set against the volatile backdrop of the English Civil War, dive into this enthralling tale of danger, bravery, and a woman who would do anything for the man she loved.,It’s 1651 and Jane Lane leads a privileged life inside the walls of her family’s home. At 25 years old, her parents are keen to see her settled, but Jane dreams of a union that goes beyond the advantageous match her father desires.,Her quiet world is shattered when Royalists, fighting to restore the crown to King Charles II, arrive at their door, imploring Jane and her family for help. They have been hiding the king, but Cromwell’s forces are close behind them, baying for Charles’ blood — and the blood of anyone who seeks to help him. Putting herself in mortal danger, Jane must help the king escape to safety by disguising him as her manservant.,With the shadow of the gallows dogging their every step, Jane finds herself falling in love…


To A Strange Somewhere Fled (Sequel to A House Near Luccoli) pdf

To A Strange Somewhere Fled (Sequel to A House Near Luccoli)  pdf

Title: To A Strange Somewhere Fled (Sequel to A House Near Luccoli) pdf

Author: D.M. Denton

Genre: ,Historical,Historical Fiction,Literature,17th Century,Fiction

Pages: 198 pages

To A Strange Somewhere Fled (Sequel to A House Near Luccoli) pdf

In this sequel to A House Near Luccoli, after the sudden end to her collaboration with composer Alessandro Stradella, Donatella moves from Genoa to join her parents in a small village in Oxfordshire, England. The gift of a sonnet, ‘stolen’ music, inexpressible secrets, and an irrepressible spirit have stowed away on her journey. Haunted by whispers and visions, angels and demons, will she rise out of grief and aimlessness? Her father’s friendship with the residents of Wroxton Abbey, who are important figures in the court of Charles II, offers new possibilities, especially as music and its masters ~ including the ‘divine’ Henry Purcell ~ have not finished with her yet.