The Changeling pdf

The Changeling  pdf

Title: The Changeling pdf

Author: Kate Horsley

Genre: ,Historical,Historical Fiction,Fiction,Cultural,Ireland,Fantasy,Literature,14th Century,Historical

Pages: 339 pages

The Changeling pdf

Here, the author of the acclaimed Confessions of a Pagan Nun takes us to fourteenth-century Ireland for a strange and luminous tale of the elusive nature of identity and of triumph in adversity. The Changeling is the story of Grey, a peasant girl who is raised as a boy, and who, until adolescence, never doubts herself to be male. The revelation of her womanhood marks the beginning of her journey through a succession of changing identities–including son, wife, warrior, and mother–each of which brings its own special wisdom, but none of which, she discovers, can ultimately define her. In the course of her adventurous life, Grey deals with all the challenges of her tumultuous age–from political oppression to corrupt Church hierarchy to the horrors of the Black Death–ultimately finding peace and a kind of redemption by embracing the beautifully impermanent quality of identity that her unusual life has enabled her to understand. (Previously published in hardcover as The Changeling of Finnistuath .)


The Plague Ship pdf

The Plague Ship  pdf

Title: The Plague Ship pdf

Author: Jeannie Johnson

Genre: ,Historical,Historical Fiction,Historical,Cultural,Ukraine,Cultural,Russia,Literature,14th Century


The Plague Ship pdf

In the mid fourteenth century the only escape from the beseiged city of Caffa where plague dead are flung over the wall, is the last of twelve Genoese galleys. The captain, a cardinal, the daughter of a Jewish doctor are joined by a Byzantine lord. Rivalries and hatred travel with them throughout the Mediterranean. So too does the Black Death.