Here Be Dragons pdf

Here Be Dragons  pdf

Title: Here Be Dragons pdf

Author: Sharon Kay Penman

Genre: ,Historical,Historical Fiction,Fiction,Historical,Historical,Medieval,Fantasy,European Literature,British Literature,Romance,Romance,Historical Romance,Literature,13th Century,Adult

Pages: 704 pages

Here Be Dragons pdf

Thirteenth-century Wales is a divided country, ever at the mercy of England’s ruthless, power-hungry King John. Then Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales, secures an uneasy truce with England by marrying the English king’s beloved, illegitimate daughter, Joanna. Reluctant to wed her father’s bitter enemy, Joanna slowly grows to love her charismatic and courageous husband who dreams of uniting Wales. But as John’s attentions turn again and again to subduing Wales–and Llewelyn–Joanna must decide to which of these powerful men she owes her loyalty and love.,A sweeping novel of power and passion, loyalty and lives, this is the book that began the trilogy that includes FALLS THE SHADOW and THE RECKONING.